Thursday, January 01, 2015

Famous People Born 1915: It Was A Very Good Year 2

I'm going to send you to the original post here  that has video and pictures and a list of 37 folks who were born in 1915 and made names for themselves. I'm afraid the coding for the table was too big for Feedburner to send it to other blogrolls. I tried to make it simpler but after redoing the chart, I did something that screwed up all the formatting.

Image from here.

 This post gives me a chance to add a few pictures and a video that weren't in the original as a teaser.

This quote from Alan Watts (born Jan 6, 1915) seems an appropriate one for a post like this.

Image from Wouk website

And novelist Herman Wouk, born May 27, 1915 and one of three on the list who are still alive.

Or this short video of Anthony Quinn (born April 21, 1915) as Zorba.

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