Friday, April 04, 2014

Spanish (U.S.)

Sitemeter tells me many things about the people who visit here.  One line in each report says Language.  It's the language the computer is set at.  There are lots of different English settings, for example:

Language         English (Australia)
Language         English (U.S.)
Language         English (U.K.)
Language         English (Ireland)
Language         English (New Zealand)
Language         English (Canada)

Not to be confused with

Language         French (Canada)

And the same is true for Spanish. Most common for me is Spain (España), but South and Central American countries show up too.  Each has its own Spanish designation:

Language         Spanish (España)
Language         Spanish (Unknown) [the location said Venezuela]
Language         Spanish (Mexico)
Going back a few days I found a couple from Columbia and one from Argentina, but they were just the plain Spain Spanish - es.  I've been guessing that when something like that happens (or a US English from Turkey) it's because someone is traveling with his computer set to his home country's language.  Like this one from Columbia:

Language         Spanish (Argentina)

But today I saw one I hadn't noticed before:

Language         Spanish (U.S.)

Maybe this has been around a while and I just never noticed.  But it's probably an acknowledgement that something has changed.  There now is something called Spanish - US. I know that Spanish language television networks are doing well in the US and Hispanics are regularly hailed as the important new voters in national elections.  And now I see that someone who can do these things on the internet has recognized something called Spanish (U.S.)

If you click on the Sitemeter numbers in the right hand column (below "Blogs of Friends and Acquaintances" and above "Labels"), you should be able to see the reports and see the kinds of information Sitemeter reports.  I leave that publicly available because I believe in transparency. 

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