Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Conservative v. Liberal Battle For Anchorage Assembly

There's a one seat conservative edge on the present Anchorage Assembly.  Liberal hopes of changing that lie in districts 5 and 6.  But it's uncertain how things will turn out.  People need to vote.  Non-mayoral municipal elections tend to have very low turnout.  10%-20%.  Just a few people can make a difference.  Changing the majority will mean that developers won't get an automatic pass for everything they want.  The shrink government crowd will have to work harder.  People who ride buses will do better and anyone who is having trouble making ends meet in this economy.  Vote.

District 1 – Seat B – Downtown: Patrick Flynn (L-ish), Mark Martinson (?)
District 2 – Seat C – Eagle River/Chugiak: Bill Starr (C), Sharon Gibbons (L-ish option)
District 3 – Seat E – West Anchorage: Tim Steele (L), Phil Isley (? probably C-ish check for yourself.)
District 4 – Seat G – Midtown Anchorage: Elvi Gray-Jackson (L)
District 5 – Seat I – East Anchorage: Pete Petersen (L), Adam Trombley (C), Mao Tosi (?)
District 6 – Seat K – South Anchorage: Bill Evans (C), Pete Nolan (C) , Bruce Dougherty(L)
School Board:
Seat C: Liz Ross, Pat Higgins, Dean Williams
Seat D: Don Smith*, Kameron Perez-Verdia
*Smith is the candidate who last week blamed all the school district's problems on immigrants, whom he called "imports" as though these people were simply commodities.  He doesn't seem to remember his history since immigrants have flooded this country since, well, before it was a country.  

All the bond issues seem reasonable.

There are bonds for schools, public transit, parks and trails, fire and police, roads and drainage.  You can see them all at the Muni site or the League of Women voters.

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