Thursday, April 03, 2014

Another National Retailer's Security Breached By Credit Card Hackers

At least that's the story that Visa is telling me explaining why I can't see my new bill on line, why it says I didn't pay my last bill, why they sent new cards yesterday.  But we're leaving town again Monday when the cards are due here, and while our houseguest will get the mail, I don't want to be traveling without a working credit card.

They won't tell me who was breached, only that it's a major national company and they found out in the last 48 hours.

It's taken me a while to figure out the online payment system.  For a while I'd press pay and think I was done, but they required I hit another confirm button. I only learned that when I got the next bill with late payment and interest fees when I thought I'd paid.  They would take the charges off when I called, and I did figure out the problem.

I've got that down now and just pay as soon as it comes up online.  Fortunately, they let you schedule the payment date.  And I've learned to take a screen shot when it says "Payment Successfully Scheduled" with the date and amount.  That was very helpful today.  I could tell them exactly how much I paid, when it was scheduled, and it even had a confirmation number.  It probably has all that in the email confirmations they send, but I know exactly where I save these screenshots. 

They're FedExing our new cards so we get them before we leave.  And she's transferring me to the Fraud division to find out which retailer was breached. .  .  . The Fraud folks, it turns out, take care of several different credit cards and she said she didn't know which vendor it was.   They said someone called us, but there's nothing on either the land line answering machine or the cell phone.  I only called them because the online bill wasn't working.  Not sure how many people were affected.  Maybe not enough for us to hear about it in the media.

[UPDATE:  This came in an email last night (4/3/14) with an 11:38pm time:
We have learned that your xxxxxxxxxxx® credit card information may have been compromised at an undisclosed merchant or service provider. This does not mean fraud has or will occur on your account, but we are taking precautionary steps to help protect your account.]

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  1. Same thing happened to our company VISA account. No explanation. Weird that the replacement cards came regular mail, not FedEx as in the past. I pay two by phone and hope those payments are being accepted as several employees are holding the same account number. Hate if they are denied. Will check first thing in am. It must be VISA itself since they refuse to give a reason or identify the intrusion.


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