Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Snow and Sun

People have been talking about an early breakup.  That happens every year.  But given that we've had breakup all winter, one starts to think, maybe . . .  Yesterday when I walked to the library, there was lots of exposed bike path, lots of melting ice, mini lakes in the potholes.  You could even see bare earth being exposed.

You can see a little bit around the tree trunk and the edges of the creek.   But later, coming home from dinner, the snow flakes seemed to be racing to the ground.

This road had been bare a little earlier.

And then this morning, we had seven or eight new inches.  Again, I'd cleared the deck completely before this latest reminder that it's still winter.   

But the sunshine is heating up the house and you can tell the equinox is just days away.  And this afternoon we head south again to look in on my mom, and it's supposed to be 85˚ in LA.  It's better here, really.  


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