Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy Drone New Year Alaska

Drone images from here and here.

Now that we learn that Alaska is one of six states to get drone research funding, there are all kinds of possibilities. 

Road Safety: 
  • Alerting drivers of moose near the road and of icy patches
  • Spotting drunk drivers and alerting authorities, or better yet, turning off their engines

  • Clearing snow from driveways
  • Monitoring children playing outside
  • Mildly zapping dogs that bark for more than five minutes straight
  • Warning when moose or bear are nearby - with zapping ability to keep them from eating the broccoli or raiding the garbage

  • Each politician gets a drone upon election
    • that follows them around recording everyone they meet with, what they say 
    • with programs that highlight contradictions between public and private promises
    • that allows constituents to know where their rep is and what he's doing at any moment and voice an opinion about it

Hunting and Fishing
  • Alerts game animals when hunters enter their territory
  • Same for fish

Work and School
  • Can take homework to school while kids sleep in
  • Monitors class so kids can watch it when they feel like it
  • Alerts employees when boss is nearby
  • All drones equipped to call for medical assistance when they injure some one
  • Monitoring prisoners on home detention or probation
  • Pick up coffee
  • Warn cyclists of nearby cars and other hazards

This is just a quick, off-the-top-of-my-head, list. I'm sure you can think of many, many more uses.  We'll let Rand Paul deal with the privacy concerns

Happy Brave New Year - let's do lunch soon.  Have your drone contact my drone. 


  1. There are two copter drones in the window of Juneau's Ben Franklin store, one with a built in HD camera and one with a mount for a GoPro HD helmet cam. They have electric motors and a lithium battery that's good for 15-20 minutes of flight.

    With the electric motor, they are relatively quiet. How long do you think it will be before cops are using them?

  2. When does a remote control model airplane/helicopter become a drone?


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