Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Markings - LA

Here are some pictures of pictures and words from LA.

The red arrow in the picture above points down to this picture on the right.  I'm not sure how this non-commercial painting of four folks at the beach got put up in among the bill boards.

Here's looking at the structure holding up the bill boards.

And on the back side there was this fake owl protecting the limes. 

This caught my eye.  I've been paying more attention to graffiti.  It's more than just some kid with a spray can.  And when I looked up MESH BKC-TNG  I found it was a lot more. 

Mesh at The Left Handed Vandal

Mesh BKC at Street Art SF

This graffiti like mural is on the wall of a car repair place and stands at an intersection of two an alleys.  The panel below turns the corner is around the corner to the right of the top panel. 


  1. we should compare our photos ala LA sometimes...
    you must let me know when you are here.
    (i commented on your getty post last year (?) and we'd corresponded then)
    i continue to read and enjoy your posts.


  2. Pat - Sounds like a plan. I can't find any emails from around the time of the Getty posts that would be from you, so send another if you would. We'll be done again pretty much once a month.


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