Saturday, November 16, 2013

AIFF2013: Film Festival Schedule Now Available

The Anchorage International Film Festival starts in three weeks - Friday night Dec. 6, 2013.  The schedule of all the films is now up on their website.

You can see a list of all the films in all the categories here.

The festival also contracts with an independent company - Festival Genius - for software for film festival schedules.  The Anchorage Festival's schedule - all the dates and times and locations of the films are there.

Screen shot from AIFF 2013
The blue fg logo is for Festival Genius.  This image is from the AIFF2013 page.  It's a header that rotates with other headers.  Click on the blue logo when you see it on the AIFF website and it will take you to the schedule.  (But the logo on the image here doesn't link.  But I did link the whole image below.)

It takes a little time to get used to, but you can sort by

  • event (there are also parties, awards, screen blocks*, and workshops)
  • category (to see the Features, or Documentaries, or Animated, etc.)
  • country (there are 24 different countries listed that films come from)
  • venue (Bear Tooth, Alaska Experience Theater, Museum, etc.)

If you click the image, it will take you to that page and you can experiment with it.

Beware: [Dean Franklin, the AIFF computer guy, corrected this in the comment below.  Just click on the AIFF banner in Festival Genius and you get back to the AIFF pages.  I wonder how long that's been the case.  I know the first year it wasn't.  Thanks, Dean.]  The Festival Genius page - even for the Anchorage International Film Festival schedule - is a totally different website.  It doesn't have links back to the AIFF site.  You can usually use your browser's "go back one page" arrow in the upper left corner.  If you hold that arrow down, it will give you a list of pages.  So if you look at five pages on FG, you can hold that arrow down and find the link back to the AIFF2013 site.  (I know, most of you know that.  But some people don't.)

*screening blocks are groups of shorter films that are shown together in a single program.

[Feedburner Note:  This is the third post in a row to get pinged immediately to blogrolls.  I'm guessing they've figured out and fixed the problem.  But I'll be checking for the next couple of weeks just in case I'm wrong.  I won't leave any of these notes if all is well.  But if there is another problem I'll note it.]

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  1. Clicking on the AIFF banner on Festival Genius will take you back to the AIFF home page.


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