Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Storm's Over, Maybe

The wind roared into Anchorage last night while I was working on longish post and I just knew the power was going to go out, which it did before the post was ready. J already had candles lit.

Schools were closed today and so was the university.  Our electricity came back on about 7am, but not our internet connection.  I'm using the wifi at my dentist's office for this.  Our house looked ok this morning - just a few small branches in the driveway.  But my hygienist said they'd lost shingles from the roof and a few trees blew over.  

Here's this afternoon's sky from the dentist's office.


  1. Passover in my neighborhood! No power outage, no trees down !


  2. Jessica, I spoke to someone last night (Wed) whose electricity was still out - and she lives less than 1/2 mile from me. It's on all around her, just her side of the street - including the traffic light on 36th.


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