Monday, September 17, 2012

Shaggy Manes Pop Up And Campbell Creek Rises

The big storm didn't quite materialize, at least in our part of town. There was enough wind to move the leaves around, but not enough that we heard it like last week.

And it's raining sometimes harder, sometimes barely a drizzle. I took advantage of a lull to bike over to someone's house where I found a bunch of shaggy mane mushrooms.  These are very distinctive mushroom that I know is safe and tasty. 

They weren't as excited about the mushrooms as I was and gave me a plastic bag.  I picked a few. 

While I was out I checked on Campbell Creek.  It was up above its banks a bit, but nothing serious.  At the two spots I checked.  Though later I learned that a friend whose house is next to the creek had nine cottonwoods down in his yard.

The winds did stir last night.  The trees are dancing gently to the beat this morning.  Predictions are for rain until Thursday.  

 The mushrooms, by the way, were delicious. 


  1. Is the campbell creek classic still being held every year? I remember entering the race in 1974 in the kayak division. Came in 2nd, would have been first if I wouldn't have stopped for picnics and beers along the way.

  2. I don't think so. I haven't heard or seen anything about it in a long time. I have seen a few people floating the creek during the summer. We even drove one wet and cold floater who'd fallen out of her vessel to meet her friends at the Peanut Farm.

  3. Yeah, I've picked about 2 lbs of shaggy manes during the last week. Since they have an enzyme in them that turns them into black slime if they aren't cooked immediately, I rushed them home and got them in butter and up to boiling point for a couple of minutes.

    I found a great shaggy mane casserole recipe at (scroll down to the tetrazinni recipe).

    So they're going to be a casserole tonight.

    BTW, they should keep erupting in the same spot for a week to 10 days, so return visits would probably pay off.

    I planted some shaggy mane spawn in my back yard last year, but no fruiting yet. I've been told to expect it to take 2 years.


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