Thursday, September 13, 2012

1 800 695 6950

I keep getting calls from this number.  When I pick up the phone, there is no response.  So when I see the number I don't pick it up.  But it's annoying.  Like when they called this morning at 8am.

I googled 1 800 695 6950.  

EveryCall identifies the number as coming from HBSC.  So does Mr.Number.

Here are a few comments on 800 Notes

  • FYI replies to bg

  • dave replies to bg
    It's HSBC credit... "Best Buy"
    There real good at harassing people!

Called my cell phone before 8:00 AM. Didn't answer since there was no caller ID other than the number and it was too early in the morning to deal with another telemarketer. Bad enough you get called by some of these clowns at all, much less at 7:30 AM!

martha replies to DH
it is against the law for any creditors to call before 8 am and after 8 pm... you can tell them that you will report them . and to stop harrassing you.

  • Not Gonna Answer replies to martha
    Debt collector can call between the hours of 8am and 9pm. they get 13 hours to try to get ppl to answer their phones.

I don't have an HBSC credit card.  I don't owe Best Buy any money.

Callcenter has this comment:
These guys call me 12 to 13 times a day. If you answer there is a machine telling you to wait for someone to answer, if it goes to voice mail you get 2 minutes of the computer telling you to wait. Please tell me where these guys are at so I can go visit them. I called HSBC and they say this is a phishing site. When I call the number back directly and fight through the system I get somebody in the Phillipines who wants all my personal information.......Yeah right
From what I can tell, these websites don't tell you the owner of the number, but they take complaints about phone numbers and people commenting tend to identify the offender. 

So I looked up Do Not Call List.  We registered there a long time ago.  I wasn't sure about the website.  To check if I was registered they wanted my phone number and an email address to send back a confirmation.  But it was a .gov address which is good.  Nevertheless, I checked further and found an FCC website that talked about the Do Not Call List and confirmed the website address.

When I filled in the information (phone number and email)  to check if I was registered, I got an email thanking me for registering and I could complain after 31 days.  Whoa.  I didn't intend to register, I wanted to make sure I was still registered from before.

I looked back on the FCC website and it had a phone number to call.  You had to call from the phone you were checking about.  That said I'd registered sometime in 2007 or 2008.  It happened fast and I wasn't thinking and didn't write it down.

I went back to the Do Not Call List website and filed a complaint.  I meant to mention that their website link for checking if you are already registered didn't work right, but I forgot.  When I clicked the file a complaint link, it said it was already received, so I couldn't add anything.  

I can't verify that any of the information I found on any of the websites is accurate, I can just tell you what I did and what I found.  I'm not sure what I want to do next time the number calls.  Probably just let it ring.  They never leave a message. 

[UPDATE 10:30pm - they called again this afternoon after I posted this as I was about to walk out the door.  I answered and this time there was a person on the other end.  It turns out these people now do Costco credit.  Last month I didn't get my Costco bill on line and when I emailed them, they wrote back and apologized that none of the online bills had gone out.  (Because HBSC took over?) I called back yesterday to find out what the story was and settled the bill.  There was no way I should have had these jackals calling me at this point.  Now I have to figure out to whom I should complain about this at Costco.]


  1. Many times the caller id has been spoofed. The most pernicuous outfits are located overseas.

  2. we've been on no-call lists (state and federal) for many years but recently the volume of illegal calls has skyrocketed. I read a story in the NYTimes a couple of months ago that apparently even the so-called enforcers have pretty much given up.

    PS isn't this a good argument for government to regulate the "free market"???

  3. They will robo call every number in America registered to anyone with your first initial and last name. Mine is so common that I finally had to disconnect my number that I had for 25 years. Bastards.

  4. Another thing you can do is turn off the sound and let your message center pick up the calls. Only return those you know.

    1. I reinstalled an old answering machine on the land line. I never answer it until I hear a voice I recognize. This will significantly reduce the volume of incoming calls after a few weeks when the telemarketers never reach a human. I had to tell people I knew to leave a message, and I might even pick up while they were leaving it. Total telemarketing calls have been reduced by at least 75%, and I am on the do not call list.

      This won't remedy the war dialing, but will give no positive feedback to any information gathering system. Answering the phone with these creeps on the other end will cause additional callbacks no matter what you say. The lists of numbers where a human can be reached have value.

      The real annoyance is looking at my cell phone now and knowing that is going on. I wanna reach out and beat these cretins!

    2. You said, "Answering the phone with these creeps on the other end will cause additional callbacks no matter what you say. The lists of numbers where a human can be reached have value."

      I had no idea about this. I will not pick up long distance numbers and let them go to voice mail. THANKS.

  5. Since my husband and I have different last names, but the same phone number, occasionally I will get a call and say no thanks and within seconds the phone will ring again -- same person on the other end, same spiel.

    When I got a call about pre-paid pet cemetery services, I said we didn't have any pets, adding, good luck with your next call... when the phone rang within seconds, I answered in a different, low creepy voice, "If this is about pet cemeteries ..."

    The man on the other end was so scared (I like to imagine) I heard him drop
    -- or throw down -- the phone. It was one of my prouder moments. But generally, these telemarketers have really shitty jobs -- imagine getting angrily hung up on 99.5 calls out of a hundred, all day long.

    But then I don't get that many but do get angry when it's 5 or 6 or 10 over a week -- of the same pitch. Then I tell them to never call this number again. It usually works. I live in Canada.

    I feel your pain, Steve. It's like ear rape. No means no.

  6. This number calls me constantly and either there's no one on the other end, they tell me to hold on, and the weirdest one was yesterday there was heavy breathing on the other end. Gross.

  7. For some reason, I am receiving calls from this number from 8AM to after 8PM. I answered the 1st time they called and the person they wanted is not at my number!!!! They have called as many as 15 times for the last 2 weeks. We do not have a Best Buy or HSBC account. My husband is an invalid with dementia and this really screws up my day with all the early calls. How do I get rid of them??? Even tried the unknown # trick today.

  8. Sorry for your troubles. Not sure what to tell you. Here are some stabs in the dark:
    1. Call your phone company and see if you can block the calls.
    2. Try your Better Business Bureau.
    3. Answer. Be polite and tell the person that you've gotten 15 calls and the person they are looking for doesn't live at this number nor do you know that person. You understand that lots of people say that, but surely there must be a way for them to confirm it and stop the calls. Ask if there is there a number you can call. A supervisor perhaps because besides bothering you, it's wasting their time as well.

    If any of those work, or you find another way, please come back and let people know.

  9. I keep getting cals as well. Caller ID shows Captial One.


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