Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Do I Know? 3rd Anniversary and I Missed It

I knew the anniversary was this month, but I didn't look until just now. The first post was July 9, 2006 - on Spittle Bugs. The second post was two days later - on using Turn Indicators. That was it - two posts for July.

August 6 was on going digital as I got my first digital camera and posted my first picture - a bull moose at Kincaid. There were only seven posts in August, but I think that regulars can already see in those original posts hints of what has come since.

It was a while before I discovered counters and installed sitemeter. I noted with a post when I had visitor 1500. I was reminded of that when I recently had a couple people get here googling "The number 1500." (Does anyone know why they were googling that?) I looked to see what they got. It was May 6, 2007. Ten months.

So I decided to have a contest to reward visitor number 10,000. That took until December 20, 2007 - seven more months. Things were speeding up. And now, probably around the time of the 3rd Anniversary ten days ago, we got to 100,000.

That's pretty modest compared to other blogs, but it's plenty for me. I was going to have another contest, but kept putting it off. I also decided that in the spirit of doing things a little differently, I would not pick a number that ends in lots of zeroes this time. But 99,999 passed before I noticed. Then I thought of 111,111, but that passed by too.

So let's go for 123,456. I'll come up with a prize for the identified visitor closest to that number. I'll post warnings to pay attention when we get closer. While sitemeter gives us lots of data on each visitor, it doesn't give names, or email addresses. (Though I did get a file name last week as the "Entry Page" and it included the person's name. I found three people with that name and emailed one to warn him he was sending his name out. But I suppose I would have assumed such an email was spam. Maybe I'll try again.) So visitors will have to claim their prize. I'll check their claim against the sitemeter profile for the closest claim to 123,456.

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