Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Should Have Listened to Ropi Who Didn't Like Public Enemies

Ropi posted this Saturday:
I watched a movie called Public Enemies as I mentioned in my last post. I do not know why girls in love with Johnny Depp. He isn't that great. . .

The movie was a bit boring. It was the alternation of long shooting scenes and boring nothing. It was totally outrageous when the bank robber went to the police station and asked one of the officers about a sport event.
Ropi and I have some things in common, such as blogging. Although we read each other's blogs regularly, we don't agree on many things. So when he wasn't impressed with Johnny Depp, it gave him less credibility as a movie reviewer for me.

But I should have listened. He was even right about Depp. What a waste of money, of talent, of time. It was like seeing the John Dillinger template from Powerpoint (if they had one.) All form, no content. The script was pedestrian, the characters had no depth at all, none of them. The cinematography was routine. They used up lots of fake blood, lots of machine gun blanks. I kept looking at my wife and mouthing, why are we here?

So, Ropi, how much did it cost to see this in Budapest? In Anchorage, at the newest and slickest theater in town, the regular cost would be $9.75, but we got Senior Monday tickets for $6.00 each. Here's the whole price list:

Adult Evening $9.75

Adult Fri/Sat after 6pm
(*Price also applies to Special Advance Showings) $10.00

Child (1-11) /Senior (62+) $6.50

Adult Matinee before 6pm
(Sat/Sun/Holidays before 2pm) $6.75

Early Bird First Matinee Showtime (7 days a week).
Note: Check below for multiple listings of a movie (i.e. Digital, Regular, 3D, etc.) to find first showtime. $6.00

Seniors Day - All Day Monday $6.00

Military $7.50

3D Attraction - Normal Ticket Price Plus Premium $2.25


  1. According to recent exchange rates it is $6,31 (1 200Ft). If you go before 16:00 it is $4,73 (900Ft).

    Well, I am not a great movie expert so I am not surprised you didn't listen to me.

    My former classmate told me that I share many similarities with the police officer who chased him. I don't know why.

  2. I've heard the same opinion voiced about the latest Harry Potter movie.

    A group of us gals got together last night (our "Bunco" night) and the topic of the HP movie came up. The ones who saw it said it was boring, nothing happened except one character died.

    As far as I'm concerned, that pretty much follows the decline in the series in book form, too. I really had to slog through the last one that Rowling wrote. If all the HP books on our bookshelfs were mine, I'd put them all out in the next garage sale. I don't plan on reading them again.

    If I want to read fantasy, I'll re-read Tolkien.


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