Friday, February 01, 2019

John Martin's Coming Home After Sailing To Russia And Getting Temporary Housing

The Anchorage Daily News had a story yesterday about John Martin being deported to the US by the Russian authorities.  Last year he set off to sail to China to find his ex-wife and his son.  He made it to Russia and was first in the hospital and then later sent to a Moscow jail.  But apparently the Russians are giving him back without demanding anything in exchange.

March 2012

I've written about John Martin a few times on this blog.  This link includes a video of him at the Assembly meeting when they passed a ban on sitting on the sidewalks which seemed to be aimed at John.

It has links to other posts I did, including when he was camped in front of city hall after the ordinance was passed.  I asked him why he thought he hadn't been kicked out.  He didn't know, but said that the Mayor went across the street to get some coffee and was bringing one back for him.

Michelle Theriault Boots did a good job in the the story about John's sailing to China - telling a lot more about his rather turbulent life.  That link is definitely worth reading if you want to get a better understanding of John.  It's one of the millions of stories of people for whom life doesn't always work out the way they'd like, but he's found ways to give his life meaning and purpose.

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