Saturday, February 03, 2018

Alaska Airlines Passenger Computers Down - Waiting Two Hours Now To Board [UPDATED]

Our flight was supposed to leave at 1pm (Alaska time).  They were just starting boarding at 12:20pm when they abruptly stopped and said there was an IT problem and we should sit down.

After a bit I tweeted asking why they couldn't use our boarding passes since planes seemed to be flying and landing.

Just wait a tad, they tweeted back.

At 2pm I asked again why we can't board and wait for the computers to come up again while we fly instead of at the airport.

Got another tweet saying the system was up briefly but went down again.  They're considering using paper to board.  I should hold tight.

Not a lot of choices.  I understand computers go down.  But if it's just the passengers info, why can't we use paper?  They should have a backup.  Now, if the computer controls more than that and it would jeopardize flying, that's another story.  But since planes have landed and people got off their flights ok, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Well, here's the latest tweet - and the system wanted to know if I was satisfied with the answer.
"Thanks Steven. I'm sorry, since you know some of our systems have gone down. We want to make sure we can fly you safely first. -Tara"
There's an announcement saying they will look at our boarding passes in about 5 minutes.  A Kodiak flight - the announcement says - will board too.

Is the computer up or are they resorting to paper.  I guess you'll have to wait til I land.

[UPDATE 10:50pm (Pacific Standard Time):  We finally left about 3:30pm (Alaska Time) and had an uneventful flight.  Had a text message from Alaska Airlines when I turned my phone back on in Seattle:  They added a $75 discount on my next account to my discount codes.  I guess you have to be in their frequent flyer program to get it.  Person sitting near us also got one.  Here are a couple of pictures from the flight.

Now we're back in the rain in Seattle, but after 0˚F this morning in Anchorage, 40˚F feels balmy.]

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