Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Unfortunate Wording - ". . . I also got a huge tattoo on my thigh behind my parents' back."

From Carolyn Hax's advice column as read in the July 23, 2018 Alaska Dispatch News:
". . . I also got a huge tattoo on my thigh behind my parents' back."
This sounds like a pretty complicated tattoo.

The subtitle of an article headlined "Premera expects drop in Alaska Individual market premiums"
"Insured residents could pay more than 20 percent less in 2018, the company says"
 My problem with this sentence is obvious isn't it?  All they had to do was substitute "over" for "more than."

In any case, someone should show this to Mitch McConnel and the other ACA-phobic Republicans

And from the same front page:
Gray Wolves Win Battle To stay on Endangered Species List"

 I get it that people fought to keep the wolves on the list, and succeeding can seem like a victory.  But from a larger perspective, being on the endangered list is hardly a victory for a species.  It's a sign that the species has lost big time and is in danger of extinction.  The battle should be to get them (legitimately) off the list.

From Aetna about renewal of a drug prescription:
"We contacted your doctor for approval to renew this prescription.  Your doctor did not approve our request because he or she has already sent us a new prescription for you or already responded to the renewal request."
Huh?  What does that mean?  It's renewed or not?  If my doctor already renewed, then why did you tell me on the phone my prescription needed to be renewed and why did you contact him again?  It sounds like it's been renewed.  So why not just say that?  Anyway, the pills came a couple days later.  But they really need a good editor for these messages.

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