Friday, July 28, 2017

Why I Live Here: Close Encounters With Moose

This is another quick entry while I'm distracted by another project.  As I mentioned before, you can go to the Favorite Posts tab above and look at one of the old ones.

But biking to my meeting yesterday, I suddenly realized there was a moose just off the bike trail.  And then I saw there were two more little ones.  I had to make a quick decision, but it was easy to make.  If I tried to stop, I'd probably end up right next to the moose, so I just carried on and rode by, less that five feet from the mom, who didn't seem distressed at all.

The moose are pretty much used to people passing by on the trail.  As long as you keep your speed and stay on the trail, they're generally not going to be upset.  It's erratic behavior that seems to get their attention.

So for less than 30 seconds I had the never diminishing thrill of living in the woods with a mother moose and two new mooslings.

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