Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"No one has more respect for women than I do"

This is going to be the quote of the debate.  Maybe the election.  One tweeter likened it to "I am not a crook"


  1. Very much my own thread, but I've just read my round of international and American press coverage this morning (London time) of the last US presidential debate.

    I must ask -- seriously -- what has become of the United States in its third century?

    I hang my head in shame.

    A friend in Oregon asked me this past week, given our Brexit result, if Gene and I will now be returning to the USA? I replied on the general rise in neo-nationalism round the world and that no, we will be staying here, our home.

    What I didn't say is reason is still a force in Britain, and that I fear reason may have been banished from the USA.

    1. Reason flees when fear takes over. If the Republicans had had super delegates like the Democrats have, Trump wouldn't be the nominee. The benefit of Trump is that he says what he's thinking while many politicians think like he does, but have the smarts to pretend they don't. And he's brought out into the open all the angries. Not that all that hate is exposed, maybe we can do something about it. Especially if Clinton has a couple of years with a Democratic Senate, but that's not assured. But I've said it before - if the disrespect Obama was bad, wait until we have a woman president. It's going to be worse. But at least most - if not all - the male senators have wives at home who might put pressure on them. And their daughters, if not their sons, will too.


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