Wednesday, June 01, 2016

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible" [Redone]

[I managed to do something I've never done before.  Usually, that's a good thing, meaning I've stretched myself in a positive way.  But this time it isn't.  Because of Feedburner troubles, I was going to repost "It's fun to do the impossible."   So I opened the post into edit mode and copied the post.  But before I pasted it into a new post, I realized that it had a comment.  I decided to just leave it and finish a new post I was doing.  I got distracted by phone calls and then started the new post on gulls swarming over a red tailed hawk talk.  When I posted the gulls, I realized immediately that I'd posted it in the open "impossible" post, which was now gone, except for the comment.  So, this is an attempted recreation of the 'impossible" post.]

There's a product that many Alaskans use, but we are all forced to get it from an Outside corporation, when it could be very easily handled by local businesses.  So I met with a CEO of a local organization that could potentially handle this business to get his take on my idea.  He was totally on the same page, and they'd even talked about a variation on my idea.  He agreed with all my logic, but said that the Outside competitor was almost impossible to overcome.  

But then he got up to get something out of a file cabinet, and I saw a sign in the window sill, that I couldn't see when he was sitting in front of me.

When he sat down again, I pointed to the sign and said that I'd come to the right person.  He turned around to see what I was talking about.  Then laughed and said, "Yes."  So he's going to talk to people in his organization and related organizations to see how much support there might be.

I'm being vague at the moment about the idea itself until we have more momentum going.  Stay tuned.

I'm actually doing this where the old post was (I had hit the 'revert to draft' key) so I think the comment is still there.  But just in case I'm wrong (again) I'm adding it here to be safe.

And here's the comment that post had.

Jacob Dugan-Brause
Well, you know what one can say about Disney (referencing header quote): Success comes down to Mickey Mouse. Do have fun, whatever you're up to! on "It's Kind of fun to do the impossible"


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