Sunday, May 15, 2016

This Is Hopeless

Or so I think.  Then I plow on.

Back cleaning out my mom's house.  We're trying to get it rentable by Thursday.  The bar is pretty low, but I think we'll have to come back and do more.  But I'm getting more ruthless about throwing things away.  But what do you do with things like this?

Actually, that's fairly easy.  It will go into one of the boxes headed to the thrift shop.  But old letter and photos, jewelry, watches, and stuff.  Pictures on the wall.  The realtor helping to rent the place thinks we shouldn't leave any pictures up we wouldn't want to lose.  And there are a few.

So blogging is a low priority at the moment.

At least we can put things we can't decide on into the garage.

But I'm guessing we'll be back in a month to do more.

Not complaining, just thinking out loud.  My mom cleaned up my messes often enough, so turnabout is only fair.  She has given us a lot, and throwing things away was painful for her.


  1. Not an easy task. I remember hauling clothing, wool shirts and stuff to a salvation army fifty miles away just so I could donate it, but not have it appear where my grandparents used to live. Many emotions.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts Stephen. Lots of good memories, and we're getting things done. It just takes so long.

  3. When my mother died my sister and I took some of her clothes as a donation to the then-on County Fair and got in free. We knew it was something our mother would have been pleased for: she was generous, practical and loved the country fair which she went to every year, and with us when we were home then.

    But overall, it's best to remember (when sorting, editing, pitching, keeping) -- THINGS RULE. WE SERVE. They are some sticky objects that won't allow be discarded. You must be strong, or leave them for the next generation to worry over.

  4. It is an emotional journey as we try to respect those things that our parents valued. As the mother of millenial sons, I'm discovering that their age group are not so interested in 'stuff' and those attachments. There might be a few things of their grandparents they would be interested in and perhaps a few of their parents, but overall, not so much. In talking with others of my age group, it seems to be a millenial thing. Perhaps they're really the purging generation.

  5. Check to see if it is signed or first edition before you give away as value goes up. The library might want it if not? Beautiful book.

  6. Thanks all for your thoughts. We're slogging through.


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