Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Earth Care Jamboree Includes Naked Mabel and Vinyl Floors

Someone asked if I'd post an announcement for the Earth Care Jamboree this Saturday.  I don't normally do requests, but I do post about events that might look interesting to my readers, events that I might attend myself.  And this seems like one.  And the Citizens Climate Lobby, a group I'm a member of, will have a table at the event. 

From what I can tell, there will be music, speakers, workshops, and lots of connections to make.

The main sponsor is the
"The Interfaith Earth Care Action Network (IECAN) [which] is a collaborative group of individuals representing faith communities across Southcentral Alaska, who saw a need to create a space where faith communities can come together to support and empower one another to speak out and take action on climate change."

[So how do you pronounce IECAN?  I.E. Can?]  [I'm trying to get this post up while my granddaughter is tugging on me to take her to the playground.  You know who's going to win this one.]

Here's a link to their blog which has all the details for Saturday.  But I'll give you a sneak preview of just a couple of the people who will be speaking:

Craig Fleener

Craig Fleener is Gwichyaa Zhee Gwich'in from Fort Yukon Alaska.  He serves as Arctic Policy Advisor to the Governor of Alaska.  Mr. Fleener served as a permanent participant on the Arctic Council and has participated in the work of several of the working groups of the Arctic Council. Mr. Fleener is a wildlife biologist with a specialty in moose management and human dimensions of wildlife and fisheries. 

Xavier Mason

Xavier Mason is a recent UAA graduate and commencement speaker. He is deeply involved in campus and community organizations: co-founder of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, CBPP Leadership Fellow, and candidate for Oxford's Rhode Scholarship and is currently awaiting designation from the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper. Xavier will be speaking as the president of the NAACP Youth Council.

Doug Causey

Doug Causey is Professor of Biological Sciences, Director of the Applied Environmental Research Center, and Senior Advisor to the Chancellor on Arctic Policy at the University of Alaska Anchorage. He arrived to UAA in June 2005 from Harvard University where he was Senior Biologist at the Museum of Comparative Zoology and Senior Fellow of the JF Kennedy School of Government.  Previous to that, he served as Program Director at the National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programs.  An ecologist and evolutionary biologist by training, he has authored over one hundred fifty publications on topics as diverse as the biology of Arctic marine birds, Arctic Climate Change, and the ecology of Alaskan bats.  His research focuses on the dynamics of Arctic ecosystems and climate change, and he has published extensively on policy issues related to the Arctic environment, environmental security, and the resilience of High Arctic communities.

 Climate change seems like an impossible cause to make a difference on, but I've found with Citizens Climate Lobby that individuals can make a difference on climate change.  I'm sure that at this jamboree you'll be able to find lots of ways you can make small contributions to making the planet a better place.  And even though your contribution is small, combined with lots of other small contributions, it will make a big difference.

OK, you get the point.  Arctic Valley, starting at 11am on Saturday, September 12.  I've got a date at the playground waiting right now. 

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