Sunday, March 22, 2015

It Always Looks Different: Turnagain Arm

Thirty eight years later, Turnagain Arm still is awesome (in the original sense of the word.)

Driving south from Anchorage is never just a drive.  It's a beautiful adventure.

So, let's start with the typical post card picture of Turnagain Arm and then will look at some variations that I took today.  None of these were altered except for some cropping.

Now, let's look just at the wet stuff.  Every time you look, it's different.

And  back to another typical post card view.


  1. gorgeous pictures!! did you photoshop them or do it the old-fashioned way?

    1. None of these were photoshopped. The only altering was a little bit of cropping. Glad you like them.


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