Wednesday, May 07, 2014

This Time No Cops, Just Moose On Way Home

A little less exciting, a lot more fulfilling, was my ride home from a meeting Tuesday afternoon, compared to Monday afternoon.   Two moose grazing near the airport.

You don't get this in London, Jacob.  Or having everything 15 minutes or less away. 


  1. Ah, Alaska. Gotta love it. In London I shrink the expectation of what's outside my door from Chugach State Park to a rather small garden. As to animals and other beasties, we all get along pretty well. No one's very wild here.

  2. It must not be as "wild" in London, Jacob, I hear the police there, do not carry guns.

  3. Anon, a large majority do no carry side arms (special firearm units do). My neighbour, who is retired from policing, said most police officers in London don't want to carry a gun as they feel it's not needed for safety or work.

    What's fascinating to me is how such differences exist between the USA and UK as if occuring on different worlds, impossible to visit or understand.


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