Sunday, February 02, 2014

Michele Norris Talks Race At UAA

For people who listen to NPR at lot, getting to see a familiar voice, like Michele Norris', is an interesting reckoning of what your ears hear and your imagination conjures up.

Norris spoke at UAA on January23, 2014

Below is a bit of video of her talk.


The main focus was race and her Race Card Project - which asks people to send her 6 word stories about race.  Here are some examples from the race card website:

Place change in my hand, please.

I trusted adults that taught hate.

I don’t know my Native language.

Unlawliness: One of my White Luxuries.

Momee, why did you hit me?

 Many have longer explanations and comments.  At the Race Card Project website you can add your own card or comment on other folks' cards. 

In the video she talks a bit about topics like "post racial" and whether 'race' is bad, the end of racism, how to make people comfortable about talking about race,  and how people overseas find the US's multicultural imagery as very attractive.   It was  a surprisingly warm and comfortable evening discussing a topic that isn't normally so easy, especially in mixed company. 

[UPDATE March 12, 2014: Viddler video replaced by YouTube]

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