Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Come bang me baby. . ."

I found this on a Xanga forum:

What kind of father would do this?  I think it's totally sick.  It doesn't even seem like a good test.  If they've agreed to wait until marriage, the tone and language wouldn't sound like his girl friend.  He'd be totally shocked, and respond as he did. 

At first I thought that its appropriateness might be affected by the age of the daughter.  But the idea of testing the boyfriend of an older girl is perverse and sending an explicit text to the boyfriend of a younger girl is even more perverse.  Is any age appropriate for this?

And what is the daughter's role here?  Is she glad for the $100 and proving to her dad that her boyfriend isn't 'that kind of boy'?  Or does she feel her dad doesn't trust her? Or that he's a dirty old man?  Or maybe she's exploiting his fear and collects $100 with each new boyfriend.  And what kind of power trip is the dad on?  He's going to 'protect' his daughter from all the males on earth trying to deflower her?  Is a burka next? 

Or is this just a hoax?  In addition to the inconsistent tone and language, the father is talking about giving permission to date his daughter, but the boy wrote, "Since we started dating. . ." which suggests they've already been dating.  OK, they could date without the father's permission, but . . .

But now that I've seen it, hoax or not, something about it bothers at me.  

Maybe it's just distraction from meatier topics I should be writing about but that haven't gestated enough to make coherent posts,


  1. Greetings this fine, wet Saturday!

    First, I learned a new word. I'm sure everyone but me knows the word, "Xanga." I looked it up and now I know. But I could not agree with you more... this is so dumb that I can see why you wonder if it's a hoax.

    It's depressing to think that this could somehow be true or even vaguely based on real people. No, I'm gonna go with hoax just because it helps preserve the little hope I have for the Future! :)

    Doug Brown.

  2. what depresses me is that conversations among people that none of us know or have ever heard of are magically displayed on our computers. who among the three of them did what to make this interchange public?

  3. If that was indeed a real set of texts initiated by her father, I would bet the daughter communicated with her boyfriend by some other channel to coach the response. There was money riding on it, after all.


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