Monday, September 14, 2009

Black Screen Back so Back to MacHaus

The evil black screen came back last night after almost two days with no problem. As long as I don't leave my computer for more than a couple of minutes, I have no problem, but then it goes black and I have to reboot. Stephen at Apple thinks it might be a hardware malfunction and since it's still under warranty I can take it in to MacHaus and have them do a diagnostic. I did learn that the first call to Apple got me to the first level people and the second call on the same case number got me to a higher level expert who gave me a direct number back to him.

I hope this doesn't take long. Computer stores don't give loaner computers like some car places do when the car's being repaired. Besides, my computer is much more personalized than my car ever was. While I can blog from my wife's computer, all my stuff is on this one. But I do have everything backed up on the external hard drive.

1 comment:

  1. I got smoke inhalation issues for rescuing my laptop and purse. . . it was worth it to rescue both, especially the laptop.


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