Graham v Municipality of Anchorage

Below is an index of posts I've done so far on Jeff Graham's suit against the Municipality of Anchorage.

Jeff Graham is an Anchorage fire fighter who sued the Municipality of Anchorage for discrimination in promotion testing.  The case was heard in Superior Court from July 17, 2017 until August 10, 2017 when the jury gave its verdict.

This page will serve as a brief introduction to, and annotated index (below) of, a series of posts about the trial.

[UPDATE January 20, 2018:
There are two things important here:
1.  The details of what happened to Jeff Graham show that basics of public administration (and the MOA charter) were violated significantly with serious negative impacts
2.  Yet the system was unable to acknowledge this.  Instead they supported the perpetrators and rebuffed Jeff Graham and others who tried to expose the problem.
The purpose os this series of posts is to 1.  help make the details clear so that 2. the structure that allows these problems to go on, gets fixed.
Post #5 is probably the best overview I have at this point.]

I had a unique view of this trial because I was hired as an expert witness by the plaintiff's attorney.  It's a story that hasn't been covered, to my knowledge, by the media, except for one brief pre-trial report by Casey Grove on APRN.

I'm only posting now, because my role as a blogger was subordinate to my role as an expert witness.  When Jeff Graham's attorney, Jeff Jarvi (yes, two Jeffs was and still is plenty confusing) called me in March 2016, we talked about my being a blogger.  I'd never been an expert witness before, and as we discussed things, we agreed that I could not blog about the case until after the final appeal date had passed.  That happened November 5.  But I gave it a little more time.

  There is a wide range of topics to cover:
  • the facts of the case itself,
  • the difficulty of proving discrimination,
  • merit principles,
  • how the court operates
  • the jury
  • what can be admitted
  • the Anchorage Fire Department
  • how corruption of fair processes can thrive within an organization
  • the ethical challenges of blogging about something you were part of

[UPDATED Dec 27, 2017:  I'm editing this page as I write new posts and get closer to being able to articulate the key issues.  For my best overview of this case, I now suggest you look at the December 27, 2017 post.  The Nov. 27 post gives a different sort of overview.  From here I can now start getting into more specifics of the case.]

INDEX OF POSTS - Most recent first

Saturday, January 20, 2018 - Graham v Moa #7 - "you cannot allow the bad guy to go to jail and you leave the structure intact." - This quote, from an NPR interview of Howard Bryant about the Larry Nassar trial and why sexual abuse in the US Olympics team was allowed to go on for 20 years.  This notion of the system being the problem is why I'm doing this series of posts.  The problem isn't over when a perpetrator gets punished.

Thursday, January 11, 2018 - Graham v MOA #6:  Test Makers Lack Certification - This post looks at the state certification of the people involved in the engineer academy who were involved in putting together the training and testing and compares it to what the state certification process says they were qualified to do.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 - Graham v MOA #5:  A Much Better Overview Of Why This Case Is Important - For now, this is my best attempt at an overview of what happened in this case.  It raises the key issues I see and a bit of evidence to support my conclusions, though I will follow up with specifics in future posts.

Thursday, December 21, 2017 - Graham v MOA #4:  Some Media Coverage, Finally - Looks at Casey Grove's Dec. 19 piece on the case  at APRN.

Monday, December 18, 2017 - Graham v MOA #3:  Following Merit Principles In The MOA Charter Could Have Prevented All Of This - Merit Systems were put in place to stop the corruption of the spoils system.  With merit a candidates qualifications for the job are the key criteria rather than loyalty to key politicians.  This post reviews the history of merit and how it relates to selection and promotion.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - Graham v MOA #2 :  Discrimination and Race Issues - Rather than obsess over perfect organization, I just talk about this issue letting the discussion go where it naturally flows.  Other stuff naturally overlaps.

Monday, November 27, 2017 -  Graham v Municipality of Anchorage #1: Overview - Firefighter Sues Municipality of Anchorage  - This is an introductory post to this series.  It offers an overview and my comments on why the case is important and some issues of blogging this.

Monday, August 14, 2017 - Anchorage Jury Sides With Fire Fighter Against Municipality of Anchorage

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