Friday, May 25, 2018

Graham v MOA #12: Fire Chief LeBlanc Retires

First paragraphs from an ADN article:
"Anchorage Fire Chief Denis LeBlanc retired Friday after nearly three years on the job, officials said.
A successor to LeBlanc will be named in a few weeks, said Kristin DeSmith, spokeswoman for Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. Jodie Hettrick, the fire department's deputy chief of operations, is serving as interim chief.
LeBlanc, who is 70, said he told the administration of his decision in early May. He said he has loved the job, but he's been working on and off for 53 years, including a few decades in the oil industry. . ."
I'm including this hear because LeBlanc was fire chief while the Graham suit went to court.  He was never a fire-fighter (usually required for the chief's job).  He came from the oil industry, was City Manager for Begich, then went to CM2HHill (the company that bought VECO).

He was asked to get the AFD budget under control.  In his deposition he expressed no interest in reaching out to the community to increase the number of women or minorities in the AFD.  My hope is that the Diversity Mayor will be able to find a new chief for whom increasing the number of women (about 2% now) and people of color (about 12% now) in the fire department will be a major priority.

I'd note that LeBlanc was on the public administration advisory board when I was chair of the department at UAA and he is a very affable person who was always supportive of the program.

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