Saturday, July 28, 2018

Blogging Output Decline

I've been missing days here and there.  We had visitors.  We're still uncluttering - the old sofa bed got picked up this morning, and we're still shredding old documents.  And there's taking advantage of living close to lots of incredible ways to get into the wild.  There's the taming of the wild in our own yard.  And books to read.

So there are ideas piling up.  Things I've thought about or even started.

I still have lots to document on the Graham v. MOA case.

A post on whether non-citizens should be able to vote.

More research on the airport construction that is causing so much noise - including observations on people who tell people to get over it.

Concerns about NPR's growing to cozy with their news formulas.

Filipino Food- Ed Badajos' great graphic book from the 1970s.

And thoughts on how blogging has changed since I started here, just to name a few things.  But I'd rather skip a day here and make sure what I write is worth people's attention.  

I should also mention the peaches.  The Costco peaches were delicious - but there were so many of them.  And they were each so big.  And they all got ripe at once.  We just ate a bunch and  J made some peach and blueberry compote last night.  And before that I used peaches in my oatmeal.


  1. Not to worry about it! We are slowing down in our on-line reading during these "lazy" days. Better to get a book and go outside, unless you take your laptop outside. I don't have one -- can't stand the pad mouse action. Have a big Mac with smoooooth mouse action.

  2. Thanks, Barbara. It's 11:42 pm as I just finished the post on today's garden tour. I'm sitting out on the deck in short sleeves. The garden is darkish under the trees, but the sky above is still light.


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