Friday, June 15, 2018

Only A Country Of Sick People Takes Kids From Their Parents

The people who make these kinds of decisions have no conscience.

But people in a democracy bear responsibility for allowing their government to do such things.

Everyone needs to make peace with people of opposing ideologies.
Everyone needs to recognize our society oppresses everyone in one way or another.  Most get over it.  Others grow to become the oppressors.  We all need to smile when we meet people on the street.  To imagine everyone we meet as a brother, as a future Nobel Prize winner, of US president, or great athlete, and our behavior toward others will improve.  (Unless you hate your brother.)

This is just sick.  What did these official not get as children.  Or get too much of?  To use the kids as a political bargaining tool is unconscionable.

And if your members of Congress get a letter, email, or phone call about this, I'm sure most will agree.

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  1. There are no words strong enough to describe this action being done by our administration to these children, these families. I try to stay positive, thinking more people will say "ENOUGH". Once in awhile, I need to use music to redirect my thinking towards Roger Waters, The tide is turning.(although watching Roger Waters video in Mexico City before the 2016 election can help inspire as well)


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