Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Old Posts Worth Rereading - Shoplifting Trick, Black Bugs, Trees With White Flowers, and Redistricting

They painters are still working upstairs - the schedule is somewhat unpredictable - and most of our stuff is in two rooms downstairs.  The bigger furniture is in the dining room crunched together or on the deck.

I've got a number of projects I'm working on, personal and community, including some longer blog posts like the Graham v MOA series.  More from Denali.  Thoughts on last night's Arctic Entries performance.  The weather seems stuck in "temps between low 40s and mid 50s, mix of some sun, lots of clouds" for a while.  The daffodils that were poised to bloom  when we left for Denali last week are still poised.

So here are some old posts you may not have read.

1.   How To Shoplift Without Getting Caught - Only Works If You're Black[White, obviously]  -  A visitor came to this post this week via a link in a comment (endof4th 10/13/2015 6:03 PM GMT-0800) on a Washington Post article about Georgetown shop owners alerting each other about suspicious black customers.  It's still a topical and insightful story from Neil Degrasse Tyson   - be sure to read the Tyson quote down to the bold section which answers the title question.

2.  Tiny Black Bugs - Fruit Flies or Fungus Gnats?  - This is the post that has gotten the most hits ever  (114,660 as of now on Google Stats) on this blog and continues to get most hits week by week.

3.  Three Anchorage Trees With White Flowers - This seems to be a seasonal hit.

4.  Various posts from the Alaska Redistricting series are getting hits as the 2020 redistricting process is coming up soon.  There's a lot there - here's a post that applies a lot of the concepts to how the Board created the house and senate districts in Fairbanks:  Was Fairbanks Gerrymandered:  A Look At the Riley Challenge to Alaska Redistricting Board' 2013 Plan Part 1    It's relevant to this November's upcoming race for Senate between Fairbanks Rep Scott Kawasaki (D) and Fairbanks Sen. Pete Kelly (R).  There's also a link to Part II which looks at truncation.

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