Sunday, February 11, 2018

Why Do I Immediately Translate This To Men's Lives?

I can't help but wonder if he really means 'men's lives.'

And I'm delighted that he knows about Due Process.   Though the man who wants to send immigrants back to countries where they face a high likelihood of violence and death without hearings and process seems the least likely person to ask this question.  But if you believe that all criticism about you is false and merely part of conspiracy to destroy you, then you don't have to take any blame for making bad decisions.

Like all legal terms there's no simple definition.  The link goes into lots of the complications, but here's the part that I think is critical.
"The clause also promises that before depriving a citizen of life, liberty or property, government must follow fair procedures. Thus, it is not always enough for the government just to act in accordance with whatever law there may happen to be. Citizens may also be entitled to have the government observe or offer fair procedures, whether or not those procedures have been provided for in the law on the basis of which it is acting. Action denying the process that is “due” would be unconstitutional."

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