Saturday, November 04, 2017

Surrogate Gramping

I got to play grandpa today with an 17 month old today.  Her mom had a conference and her dad works on call.  So, essentially the guys got to hang out with the youngster, who after an initial shyness, loosened up and was no trouble at all.  We had about an hour or so alone while dad went in to do some prep stuff.

It's still warm for November, but fog has been playing hide and seek in Anchorage for the past week.
Leaving morning (and afternoon) frost on everything.

We read books, took things out and put things back.  That's a major activity for that age.  We cut the old raspberry canes and went to the playground.  Even frost swing seats.

We walked on wooden edges, read more books, juggled a bit, ate snacks, ate lunch.  The walk had its desired effect and D had a good long nap.

Then out for another walk, this time with the stroller.  That's when we saw the geese flying.  They too have been procrastinating starting south, but the chill now is probably going to get them going.

As I drove home, I could see the fog gathered to the east up against the mountains.  I'm guessing it will flow back into town during the night.  I had to wait till I was stopped at a light, and then the traffic lights hid the mountains above the fog.

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