Sunday, November 05, 2017

It Snowed Overnight

What snow we'd had was pretty much gone.  All that I saw left were shady spots along Campbell Creek.  But it's a bright new world today.  I say that because having snow on the ground makes everything brighter including night.

Finding stats on first snows, and more importantly first lasting snows, isn't as easy as I expected.  I did find one site with charts of average first snow for around the country.  Here's the West table down to Anchorage.

Avg 1st SnowEarliest SnowAvg Annual Snow
FairbanksSep. 27Aug. 29, 192264.2 inches
Great FallsOct. 2Aug. 22, 199261.6 inches
CheyenneOct. 2Sep. 8, 192960 inches
Crested ButteOct. 5Sep. 3, 1961206.7 inches
BillingsOct. 12Sep. 7, 196255.6 inches
AnchorageOct. 15Sep. 20, 194774.6 inches

Our first snow this year was October 21.  Not too late.  But there's another statistic that I'm looking for:  first sticking snow.  By that I mean, snow that doesn't disappear in a couple of days, but sticks around all winter.  Our first snow this year was followed by wind and high 40s temperatures.  

November 5 seems to be late for sticking, or permanent snow.  It has been cooler this last week, so maybe this will stick.  Our backyard thermometer says 33˚F, just above freezing.  


  1. We have yet to have snow in Ottawa -- but it is surprising how often your neck of the woods' weather is like ours.

    Had some fat, white, slow rain two days ago, but...only for a few minutes. We have yet to have snow that "lays" as the old-timers used to say. With CChange, we could have a green Christmas -- does happen. Disappoints everybody -- one of those years we came out of a party at midnight on Christmas Eve to find huge flakes gently falling and filling up the streets. It tickled our upturned faces. It was a Christmas miracle.

  2. I live in NY state 20 miles south of the Canadian border and we have not had a frost yet!
    Still have peppers on the plants and geraniums blooming!

  3. We've had sunny days since the snow, but it's colder at night so there's some ice where it thaws a bit in the day then freezes. But these are beautiful days with great clean air.


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