Friday, August 18, 2017

She Stands By Her Man - Both of Them

So Axios had a couple of posts up yesterday, one after the other.

The first was about Sen. McConnell and Trump feuding.  They show McConnell's tweet supporting Sen. Flake's reelection a few hours after Trump tweeted his support for Flake's opponent in the Republican primary.  Then they go on to explain why it matters.
McConnell, who was reportedly livid with the way the president handled the violence in Charlottesville, has been engaged in an ongoing feud with Trump following the president's series of tweets criticizing the Majority Leader's performance. McConnell's latest statement in support of Flake only adds fuel to the fire.

Their earlier post which was the immediately before the McConnell piece was titled :
"White House calls it quits on Infrastructure Council"
Screenshot from Axios

And had this picture:

The woman on the right is Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation, who probably could use the political support of an Infrastructure Committee.  But more than that, she's also Mitch McConnell's wife.

What I didn't know until I googled Elaine Chao to double check her position in the Trump administration, was that after this press conference, she was asked about Trump's tweets that criticize her husband.  Her answer:

"I stand by my man - both of them."


  1. McConnell is about as popular as a skunk AND red ants at a picnic.

    Drumpf is slowly going down in a hurry. I wonder if she has odds on which one sinks the furthest the fastest.

    I probably should be so gleeful since our Nation's future and reputation is being drug into the swamp, but golly gosh-a-rooey, what else can we do?

  2. Yes, Mike, humility is a virtue in most religions. Schadenfreude is not a form of compassion.


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