Saturday, August 05, 2017

More Summer Flowers

It's not exactly like having new house guests throughout the summer, because most of these flowers are perennials who live here all year, though the flowers only show up for a few weeks in the summer.  

So as the earlier ones fade, new ones provide an ever changing array of colors and shapes.

Appearing for the third time in the garden, and I don't remember their names.  That's a problem with a couple more this year.

Some more lilies popped open.

And a couple of annuals.  The nasturtiums popped out of the ground early, but took a long time to bloom.  Now there are lots and lots of flowers.

And this pansy.   Actually, the pansies have been blooming a while, but I just noticed this purple one.\

And finally this large hosta leaf.  The flower is starting to face, but the leaf is impressive too.

I hope to be back to normal blogging soon.

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