Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Sprinkling Of Sun; A Family Of Mergansers

It's been rainy lately.  I try to sneak in a bike ride when the rain pauses and streets are only damp.  So when I got up this morning and saw the sunshine sprinkled into our yard, I decided to bike right away before the predicted rain came back.

Once I was on the bike trail I started thinking about the platform that looks out over the creek.  It's had a chain link fence blocking it with a "Park Closed" sign since last summer. The ramp to the overlook wasn't all that even so they might have thought it was unsafe.  Or they may have closed it because it had become a hangout for homeless folks.  I thought:  I really need to check whether they're ever going to open it.

And then I rounded the bend and there was a Muni vehicle in front of the walk way, and more important, no fence.  I stopped and talked to the guys at the truck.  The part of the platform that was over the creek was having trouble.  The creek was messing up the post that held it up.  They'd cut off about half the platform.  But it was now open.

I went out onto the deck to see how much was left - about half - and looked out over the creek to see what looked like a family of mergansers just below me.

I got a good bike ride in and then came home to eat breakfast and read the paper - while we still have one now that the ADN has filed for bankruptcy and the Binkley family of Fairbanks is set to be the new owners, maybe.

Did a number of things on my to-do list today.  I finally called the name I'd gotten of someone who can fix my turntable and dropped it off with him.  An interesting man.

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