Monday, March 13, 2017

Anchorage Assembly Race, District 1 Candidates

Yesterday's (March 13, 2017) AFACT Assembly Candidates Forum was well run, well attended and gave me a good introduction to most of the assembly candidates.  As I started a post on this, it quickly became clear I ought to break this up into several different posts - starting with an intro page for each assembly district.

So, here's District 1.  Here's a map of the district with photos of the candidates who were there.

Click on image to enlarge and focus

Here are filler images for the two candidates who weren't there.  Based on pure imagination.

Albert Langdon Swank
Mark Alan Martinson

[Updated 3/21/17:  Here's the sample ballot for District 1 voters.]

Here are links the candidate websites:

Christopher Constant
David Dunsmore
Warren West
Chris Cox

Here's my posts for:
District 1 (downtown) candidates.
District 2 (Chugiak-Eagle River)
District 3 (West Anchorage)
District 4 (Midtown)
District 5 (East Anchorage)
District 6 (South Anchorage)

District 6 (South Anchorage)

[Update 3/21/17:  Here's the sample ballot for District 1 voters.]

When I finish the posts for the other districts, then I'll do a post about the Sunday AFACT forum.  

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