Monday, May 09, 2016

What Happens When Your Parents Aren't Who You Think They Are? And Feedburner Doesn't Share Your Posts?

I linked to a very interesting piece in Saturday's Guardian about a family that wasn't quite [remember, I tend toward understatement] what it seemed to be and the dislocation this caused the teenage sons.

But Feedburner hasn't done its work to get this posted in other blogrolls, so people reading other blogs can't see this new post.  (Blogrolls, for those scratching their heads, are the lists of other blogs that many blogs carry on the right or left column.  Mine are on the right.)

This has been a recurring problem over the last year.   Blogrolls do bring enough folks to the blog that it's worth reposting.  So I'm posting this in hopes Feedburner picks this one up properly and I'm using this post direct you to

What Happens When Your Parents Aren't 

Who You Think They Are?

Generally, when this happens, I repost it, and for some reason the reposts, if I'm lucky, go up right away.  But there is already a comment on this post and if I repost and delete the original, the comment will disappear.  So please bear with me.  It's worth reading and the comment adds other dimensions I hadn't considered.  (This does give me a chance to correct a typo in the title.  Thanks J)


  1. Hi Steve. Should I delete my 8 May copy and repost it in your 9 May post? Would that help or no?

  2. No, this one worked. And it calls attention to Feedburner problems. I did google and the news I find is that Google doesn't really support Feedburner any more and I should be finding a new way to send the RSS feeds out to other blogrolls. So let's just leave them both up. This doesn't replace the previous one. Thanks for the offer though.


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