Saturday, February 27, 2016

Celebrating My Mom's Birthday Right

My mom would have been 94 today.

We went to visit DB here in Chicago.  She introduced my father to my mother and she showed me some photo albums.  We had a good day talking about the past.  DB is  about half a year older than my mother.  Here are some pictures.

These two are of my mom and dad in early 1941.

This is a picture of DB and my uncle.  Another of my uncle.

And my mom in Key West where my father was stationed during WW II.  She was a lab and X-ray technician at the hospital.

Another one of my uncle - at Ft. Lewis.  These are pictures I've never seen before.

This was the view downward looking out of her condo window.  Our hosts kids are coming over for dinner tonight.


  1. Steve, the leap-frogging pic reminds me of the first time I saw my parents' wedding photos. One wonderful shot was of my father and mother in a very romantic (shall I dare say passionate?) kiss with my mother in her wedding day dress.

    It brought an immediate smile to my face to know they, too, were people who loved life. Good stuff looking at old photos. And we put that photo up in a prominent location for their 50th celebration.

  2. Man that last picture is giving me vertigo. Love the old military pics.


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