Saturday, March 28, 2015

Blogger Ethics: Leave Comment From Kidney Trader?

One of  my 2013 Anchorage Film Festival posts included a short overview of the film "Tales from the Organ Trade."  A documentary about selling and buying kidneys and the people involved - on various sides, sellers, buyers, and doctors.  
Today someone left a comment - basically, it's an ad for a hospital that buys and sells kidneys in India. 
So, what should I do with it?  Delete it?  Leave it as a comment on the movie?  When I went to get the link for that old post, I saw that there was already another similar type of comment.  I can't remember if I saw it and decided to leave it, or I never saw it.  It was posted a few months after the original post.  
The film itself was not a clear cut condemnation.  While it showed how poor folks risked their lives for pitifully small amounts of money and rich folks spent huge amounts to get a kidney, it did show some strong arguments for letting people who need a kidney pay for one.  

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SteveSaturday, March 28, 2015 at 1:49:00 PM AKDT
I don't know. Normally I'd delete that message, but it's an eerie reminder of what the movie was about. Readers, what should I do with it? Leave it? Delete it?


  1. before you decide maybe you could google that

    "Apollo Hospital India (Dr. Leo Gomez)"

    1. Anon, it goes to a google plus account. But it seems that other websites that mention buying and selling of kidneys are getting similar comments - plus offers to buy or sell kidneys - such as this one.,

    2. When I did the prescribed search I got at least 50 similar or identical posts of the same thing that was posted on your blog.

      So that's either a real doctor spamming to buy real kidneys or a fake doctor spamming to buy kidneys or some other sort of phishing scheme...Govern yourself accordingly!

      If it was me I'd wipe this shit off my blog faster than I typed this.

    3. Anon, that's sort of what I was doing in this post, but not to that extent. So I've added links to the movie's website and to HBO where you can download the whole movie. Thanks for your suggestions.

  2. They could care less what happens to their comment. I'd make a blog post out of it, disable the link and detail the horrors of such, as depicted in the "Horrors of the Organ Trade". Turn it into a positive, if such can be done, for the short film.

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  4. Given the topic of this post, I'll just leave this up. Same hospital, different doctor.

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