Monday, February 03, 2014

Colorado Legalizing Marijuana Leads to Denver's Superbowl Debacle

That's the kind of simplistic cause and effect thinking we see so much of on the web.  Our tendency to, without any thought,  use events, to support what we believe, has become rampant.  (OK, I'm not sure it's more rampant now than in the past, but the net lets us see it more.) 

But given that Washington State also legalized marijuana, they should have lost badly too, by the title's logic.  But if you really want to believe that legal marijuana is the devil, you could still argue that Colorado is far ahead of Washington in terms of actually selling it. 

Or, we could leap off another illogical cliff and say legalizing marijuana will get your team into the Superbowl. 

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps the trick is to pray to your god while stoned out of your mind --
    (not a reach -- if you think your god has anything to do with it).


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