Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Hong Kong Film Legend Run Run Shaw Dead at 106 or 107

My son sent this link to me.  When we lived in Hong Kong, Run Run Shaw's presence was everywhere.  Particularly close to home for us was the Run Run Shaw auditorium on the Chinese University of Hong Kong campus where we lived and I worked.  My son agreed to go see a traditional Chinese orchestra performance there if I would see the first Die Hard movie there with him. 

Run Run Shaw, Father Of The Kung Fu Movie, Dead At 107

AP Photo / Kin Cheung

Shaw's prolific studio helped bring kung fu films to the world but he also passed on the chance to sign one of the biggest names in that genre: the young Bruce Lee.
The missed opportunity was a rare misstep for Shaw, who died Tuesday, according to a statement from Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), which he helped found in 1967. No cause of death was given.
His studio gave his age as 107, but his age according to the Western counting method may have been 106 because Chinese traditionally consider a child to be 1 at birth. TVB said he was born in 1907, but would not provide his birth date.
His Shaw Brothers Studios, once among the world's largest, churned out nearly 1,000 movies and gave young directors like Woo their start. He produced a handful of U.S. films that also included the 1979 disaster thriller "Meteor."
 The rest is at TPM.

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