Saturday, September 08, 2012

The House of Sarah

This is a very short post.  

My daughter told me a story yesterday she'd never told before.  At her college there was one small dorm that only housed 60 people.  One year, the student in charge of assigning students to dorms assigned only students named Sarah to that dorm.

At first blush it sounds pretty funny, but when the Sarahs realized what had happened they were not pleased and the student who'd made the assignments lost her job.  Apparently she wasn't identified and got another student job.  I can imagine it made things fairly complicated.  And for some reason it was too late to make any changes without disturbing other students.

I imagine there were students in other dorms who would have traded roommates.  What would it have been like to be the only non-Sarah in the building?  I wonder if anyone ever followed up with that group later to see what their year was like and what lessons they learned from it.  This is a social experiment just waiting to be studied.


  1. True Phil, I did not make this up. And knowing my daughter, neither did she.

  2. For 5 years, when I was between marriages, I had a series of roommates -- and for 6 months TWO roommates. Both were named Barbara. We had not known each other before and got along well because I kept my name "Barbara", one of the Barbara's was called Barb and the other Barbara was always called BoBo.

    Problem solved.

    But what are nicknames for Sarah?

  3. @Ropi, try living with a number of others, every one of whom is named "Ropi"...

  4. Nicknames for Sarah? Well, back then, I'd think Sar, Sari, Shar maybe? Nowadays, idiot, liar, and dumbo come to mind. I hope that we don't see another crop of Sarahs for two generations!

    1. HA! very good!
      Can't stand her, either.
      She polluted politics for years. And hasn't the sense to STFU.


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