Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lost Tooth

I was visiting friends on the way home from getting some errands done the other day when the youngest daughter suddenly said she lost a tooth. 

It's been a while since I was around when a tooth was lost.  But I'd been thinking about this milestone, because just a couple days before, while cleaning the garage - yes, that's still happening - I came across our kids' tooth fairy pillow case.  My wife says she thinks that Auntie Esther made it.   The tooth pocket  is at that little rectangle at the bottom with Bambi on it. 

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  1. My husband John was a questioning little tike and when his father told him to put his first tooth under his pillow that night and the Tooth Fairy would leave him some money, little John had a plan...

    When his parents arrived home after a late night out, Pop remembered his promise and reached under the pillow -- not there! Now where would suspicious John have put it for the alleged Tooth Fairy to find...a very small item to be sure...Pop stood in the dark room and thought...then went right to it: under the carpet at the entrance to the room. Why that place, Pop had no idea, but, miraculously in tune with his son's thinking, he saved the Tooth Fairy's reputation.

    The hiding places got progressively harder after that.


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