Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Borderland Hack and Clutter Followup

Doug at Borderlands has  been cleaning up his blog.  I got there without a warning today, but he's not sure it's all clean yet.  Turns out he found out about the hostile takeover of his blog from my post. He's done a new post about it - Hacked and Back - and set up a new blog:
"I started a new blog at WordPress.com, where I won’t have to think about server-level security issues. I plan to blog there until further notice. Just a “Hello World” post up there now. I’m going to take a little more eclectic approach to the subject matter there than I have with Borderland, and see how it goes. Might be fun."

Meanwhile, I continued with the garage decluttering with a skype session with my daughter going through a box of her old clothes.  She said "give away" to more than half.  Thanks to all those who commented on that post. 


  1. Yep. I spent the day cleaning up the blog, while you made more room in your garage. I think you'll come out the better off for your efforts than I will from mine. I'm relieved (but only tentatively so) to see no further signs of hacker activity, and Google has removed the warning label from their search listing. So all is well.

    Still, I'm going to take a break from the Borderland blog and see what happens with the new site I set up. Working on something for it right now, in fact.

    Thanks, again, for your attention to the problem. You may have saved a hard drive or two from picking up a nasty bug.

  2. The trick is to have a place for everything: Homeless objects are a nuisance and make you sad every time to look at them.

    My husband and I spent 300 hours (3 weeks) de-cluttering & deep cleaning our large condo/studio. Five hundred art books were removed from the shelves and dusted and returned in better working order. Stacks of and stacks of categories made John's studio into a mini book-tower forest.

    Five days!? What fiction. It takes days and days of making the mess worse before it gets better. I start in one corner of the room and work around -- taking everything out of the space in question -- cleaning -- and putting back just what really should be there.

    Get three boxes/bags: keep, pitch and give away -- forget the garage. It's too much work and rejection.

    The hardest part (making quick decisions) gets easier as the days go by.

    On the last day, I heard my husband say, "You know you're near the end when you find yourself cleaning the cleaning bucket."

    We threw out 57 large black garbage bags and gained tremendous space in our heads, but only a shelf and a half each to fill up. Still, it was so worth it. We felt reborn and energized.


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