Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cliff Groh is Blogging the Stevens' Trial

Anyone out there like me who's been wanting to read an Alaskan blogger covering the Stevens trial can do so. Here's Cliff Groh's new blog. Cliff is an attorney who attended many of the trial sessions last year here in Anchorage and he's blogging from DC. From today's post:

Day Nine--October 2, 2008

Washington, D.C.--

The judge smacked the prosecutors hard but let the trial go on.

Judge Emmet Sullivan denied the defense’s request for a dismissal of the indictment or a mistrial, ruling that the government’s failure to disclose material to the defense was not so egregious that he needed to shut down the trial.

The judge did, however, grant the defense’s motion for a continuance until Monday morning. The delay gives the defense time to review the additional materials the judge ordered the prosecution to disclose before the defense cross-examines Bill Allen, the prosecution’s key witness against Sen. Ted Stevens.

The rest is at Alaska Political Corruption. There's posts from Day 1.

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