Monday, September 01, 2008

Wexley school for girls - Seattle

We were headed for a meeting with Seattle friends at Top Pot Donuts. On the way we passed the Wexley School for Girls.

What's wrong with this sign?

And this is the window to the school.

And here's a sign for deliveries.

And peeking into the front door, I took this picture of the foyer. None of this makes any sense. So when I got home I googled.

Their website took way too long to open on my computer. So I've given you the google search results. They need to figure out how to make their stuff load faster. But they certainly piqued my curiousity.


  1. And to think I left that town in 1973 because I thought the arts there had no future, they were gonna close down the Pike Place market, and its environment was unlivable...

  2. That is an ad agency and I want to work there! They destroyed the box that everyone's mind retreats to!


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