Tuesday, December 04, 2007

AIFF - The Metrosexual

I had class tonight so we went to the 10pm movie at the Fireweed. This was the first real Hollywood type film I've seen at the festival. It was slick, it was funny at times, the acting was good, and it was a lot less interesting that most of the others. Even Oil on Water last night took me into world I'm not normally in - and despite the poor acting, it was genuine in a way this movie wasn't. The characters in Oil were all people I'd never seen before, and I had no idea what was going to happen next until the very end.

The Metrosexual is in the "we need to get out buddy [a girl, laid, married, you fill it in]..." genre. Our buddy in this case isn't a 40 year old virgin, but a 33 year old anal retentive. The movie is full of the cranked out jokes we see on television any night and there's always a movie like in the theaters. If you like that genre, it was well done. But Metrosexual? Even in Anchorage the title is two years late.

But I did run into someone I needed to see, so that was good.

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  1. on geogrpahy we started to watch a movie about Alaska. it was about a ship accident a lot oil flew into the sea.


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