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Monday, September 22, 2008


[This was an email from Catherine and I asked if I could post it and did she have any pictures.]

I was up in the mountains picking blueberries... finally found some! oh joy. Picked with four other women... haven't laughed that much in ages. It was terribly fun. Now I'm cleaning, freezing, making pies and crisps... the freezer is getting stuffed with berries and I am in heaven.
Oddly enough, we had a beautiful day while it was raining here! I was surprised. I picked more than I've ever picked in one outing...

almost 3 gallons... then a friend who went with gave me almost 2 more gallons as a thank you for sharing this most amazing spot...(years ago) although she's the one who found this spot due to a hurting knee and not being able to climb as high up as we usually pick.
Oh I tell you it's heaven.
Now I have to decide if I want to start one of the pies I made last night this morning for breakfast... or not... heehee.
It's a new pie day!